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Женщина в походе у горного озера


The Austrian healthcare system is considered one of the most efficient in Europe. Today, there are 5 doctors and 7 medical workers per 1,000 Austrians. The country does not experience a shortage of medical personnel, since the profession of a doctor in this country is considered prestigious. Austria has its own system of accreditation of medical institutions. Since 1993, the federal law on hospitals has been in force in the country, with the help of which control is exercised over the activities of all medical institutions. ScanLife recommends Austria for medical tourism. It is difficult to single out the main activities of Austrian clinics, since doctors have achieved amazing results in all areas. Cancer treatment in Austria is highly successful due to the use of an integrated approach. Chemotherapy is traditionally used. The drugs undergo strict control and multi-stage certification, so they are absolutely safe for the patient, but at the same time effective. In addition to medical treatment, remote radiation therapy is prescribed. Austrian clinics use modern equipment that allows you to act directly on the tumor without irradiating healthy tissues, and even take into account the patient's respiratory movements. Thanks to innovations, it became possible to remove tumors without surgery - stereotactic radiosurgery made it possible to destroy tumors with multi-beam exposure concentrated at one point. And transplant doctors successfully carry out the most complicated procedure of bone marrow transplantation, which allows to increase the chances of recovery for patients diagnosed with cancer even at stages 3-4. Another area that can be considered a priority is the treatment of diseases of the spine and joints. Doctors use a wide range of techniques - from arthroscopy to joint and limb prosthetics. Spinal surgeons successfully perform operations to remove intervertebral hernias, decompress nerve endings, and fix the spine. In addition, mud treatment, which is rich in natural sources, becomes part of the therapeutic program. Their different composition allows you to successfully deal with a large number of diseases. Treatment in Austrian clinics is a synthesis of advantages. Doctors are leading world-class specialists who are fluent in modern techniques. The diagnostic departments of the clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Surgical treatment is carried out mainly with the use of low-traumatic laparoscopic and endoscopic methods. The cost of services in clinics in Austria is lower than in medical centers in the United States of America and Canada. In addition, the duration of the flight is shorter, it is easier to process all the necessary documents. TreatAdvice provides patients with a full range of services for organizing treatment in Austria: clinic selection drawing up an individual medical program admission of the patient to the clinic on the agreed dates medical management (medical program coordination), including 24-hour support and translation services transfers and transport services written translation of medical reports advisory medical support upon returning home

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