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Helena Medical Group and Clinic Helena offer advanced treatment in Finland, Savonlinna. In terms of the level of development of medicine, Finland has been confidently included among the TOP-5 world leaders for many years. World leadership in terms of patient survival: breast cancer (2nd place); cervical cancer (3rd place); colonorectal cancer (7th place); postinfarction survival (4th place). With all these diseases and not only, doctors of the clinic successfully cope. The main directions of the clinic: diagnostics oncology (special focus on women's health) obstetrics and gynecology cardiology and cardiac surgery pediatrics rehabilitation Achievements and benefits of treatment in the clinic The five-year patient survival index is the most important indicator of the effectiveness of treatment. The statistics of the following diseases approach and exceed the threshold of 90% survival after treatment at Clinic Helena: mammary cancer thyroid cancer skin cancer prostate cancer skin cancer melanoma Treatment of orthopedic diseases is chosen by football, hockey, basketball stars: David Beckham, Didier Deschamps, Salvatore Antibo. The advantages of treatment at Clinic Helena include: Competitive prices Transport accessibility (direct flights), visa-free entry Support in the patient's native language Clinic Helena has leading medical technologies: Best Women's Screening Program. A full complex of breast cancer treatment (intraoperative isolation of sentinel lymph nodes, oncoplastic surgery). The most modern methods of breast reconstruction after mastectomy (one-stage oncoplastic reconstruction, delayed breast reconstruction by free transplantation of the patient's own tissues, restoration of skin sensitivity of the reconstructed breast). Laparoscopic operations. Minimally invasive interventions using the da Vinci robot (cardiology, oncology, gynecology, urology). Advanced oncological diagnostic centers (PET with rare isotopes 11C-methionine, Gallium -–68-DOTA-NOC). Competitive prices for radiation therapy. Particular attention should be paid to reproduction and obstetrics. Helena Clinic offers an exclusive offer - reproductive procedures, examinations, donor programs, pregnancy management, childbirth. Pediatrics. Treatment of the most complex diseases, including: - pediatric cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, transplantology -treatment of rare diseases -diagnosis and treatment of childhood epilepsy, surgical treatment and adjustment of therapy. Exclusive possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of neuro-orthopedic diseases, such as multivariate gait analysis. - pediatric oncology and oncohematology - 4 out of 5 patients with cancer can be completely cured, 97% of children with leukemia are cured. Rehabilitation. Wide range of diseases available for treatment. Directions of rehabilitation: neurology, orthopedics, endocrinology, oncology. Programs with an emphasis on treatment and recreation. Only physicians are involved in processing a request for treatment. The patient is provided with the most accurate calculation of the cost. Package offers are provided. Free hotline with a medical consultant 24/7. Continuity of treatment at the place of residence (cooperation with Ukrainian clinics and doctors). Clinic doctors Helena Puonti Plastic and microsurgeon, mammologist-oncologist. Organ-preserving and reconstructive surgeries followed by a course of radiation and cytostatic therapy after removal of a breast tumor using the patient's own tissues or implants. Treatment of lymphedema after mastectomy Helena Puonti, an experienced doctor at the Medical Center, is the author of a unique technique of microneurovascular method, which allows you to gain the sensitivity of the reconstructed breast. Anna Marie Heikkinen Gynecologist, oncologist. Operative oncogynecology and plastic urogynecology. Treatment of dyshormonal conditions. Treatment of endometriosis. Esa Männistö Oncologist. Awarded the title of Best Oncologist in Finland in 2005. Minna Kauko Gynecologist Surgical treatment of endometriosis. Intrauterine endoscopic surgery (all types of surgical treatment of gynecological organs).

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