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Официантка с пивом

Universitat Heidelberg Germany

With more than 43 specialized departments, the Heidelberg University Hospital is one of the leading medical centers in Germany and Europe. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients from Germany and abroad benefit from the most modern treatment methods. The high quality of medical care is provided by world-famous professors, outstanding doctors, as well as medical staff actively involved in the treatment process. The most up-to-date knowledge in the field of biomedical technologies is applied here. The main directions of the clinic: oncology neurosurgery transplantation orthopedics gynecology pediatrics Achievements and advantages of the clinic Heidelberg University was founded in the 14th century under the patronage of the Pope. During this time, he firmly established himself in the academic life of Europe, thanks to the achievements of his employees, for example, 3 of the professors involved in scientific activities at the university received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The clinic manager at the beginning of the last century, Max Wilms, became the discoverer of nephroblastoma in children. Now this tumor is named after him; The department of endoscopy was taken as an example for the modeling of the future at the international congress of bronchoscopy in 2000; In the urological clinic, the first operations were performed to remove the kidney, tumors on the prostate directly and through the peritoneum. In the same clinic, for the first time in Germany, a kidney was transplanted (in 1967), and in 1991, lymph nodes (caused by prostate cancer) were removed using laparoscopy. The technical equipment of the urological clinic is constantly being improved, which allows optimal diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system; The Thoracic Clinic performs 5,000 examinations per year and more than 2,000 operations on the lungs and adjacent organs; The Clinic of Hematology, Oncological Diseases and Rheumatology is famous for its scientific developments. The clinic established its own state cancer center, whose stem cell bank is the largest in the country. Clinic doctors Specialists of all departments maximize the scope of their skills, operations are often attended by several people, which makes it possible to achieve the most accurate result, involving a minimum of intervention in internal organs. Every year, doctors from Asia, the USA and Israel come to Heidelberg and undergo additional specialization, improving their skills and exchanging practical experience with German colleagues.

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