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HBG Medical Assistance

Treatment in the leading clinics of India is a promising direction in the activity of ScanLife in the field of medical tourism. Our company's partner in India is HBG Medical Assistance. HBG Medical Assistance cooperates with all leading clinics in India such as Apollo Hospital, Medante Hospital, Artemis Hospital, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Fortis Healthcare. We offer a wide range of quality and affordable medical treatment in India. Main directions: Oncology Transplantology, organ transplant Orthopedics (treatment/joint replacement) Pediatrics reproductive medicine ScanLife will take care of selecting the best clinic and doctors/surgeons/specialists at the request of clients, will assist in obtaining a medical visa to India, booking air tickets to Delhi and back, hotel, transfer from the airport to the hotel and clinic, translation of documents and letters from Russian into English, translation services on site. Achievements and benefits: India has the most affordable prices compared to other countries with a developed infrastructure in the field of medical tourism. It is the main destination for patients from Asia and Africa. Due to geographic and cultural proximity, more than 100,000 patients from nearby Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the Maldives are treated in this country every year. Low prices for medical services have also caused a large influx of patients from African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. It is worth noting that in recent years, India has become popular among patients in the United States, Europe, and the CIS countries. The level of popularity of medical services in India among patients from all over the world according to the Ministry of Tourism of India: 1) cardiology; 2) orthopedics; 3) transplantology; 4) ophthalmology; 5) oncology. High-quality technical equipment of hospitals. To date, more than 20 clinics are registered in India, which have international standard accreditation. These medical facilities are equipped as well as leading Western or Korean hospitals, enabling doctors to perform complex or minimally invasive surgeries. The advanced technologies of these clinics also significantly reduce the time for rehabilitation. Good cost for treatment. For the same standards of treatment in Europe or America, you will overpay three or even five times more. For example, the average cost for a liver transplant in the United States is $350,000, while in India the same procedure will cost $40,000-50,000, but the quality of treatment is in no way inferior. It is important to note that India is one of the leaders in in vitro fertilization and according to American researchers, 40% of patients from all over the world chose to undergo IVF procedures in India. The average cost for one IVF cycle in India ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. USA, which is much cheaper than in European and American clinics. Traditional medicine in India. Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a Vedic science, the science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It involves wisdom to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Ayurveda treats complex diseases such as: autism oncology cerebral paralysis effects of stroke and heart attack neurological allergic and others. ScanLife has direct partnership contracts with leading Ayurvedic clinics in India Doctors: Competence of Indian doctors. Indian medicine is famous primarily for its highly qualified specialists. Many Indian doctors have made discoveries in the field of transplantology, cardiac surgery and oncology. India has some of the best practitioners in the world, the reason for this is the return of many eminent professionals from the west to their homeland. Thus, in due time, the famous doctor Prathap Redi from the USA returned to India and in 1983 founded Apollo Hospitals, one of the most successful clinics in South Asia, which attracts patients from all over the world. Highly professional Indian oncologists work here: Dharma Choudhary, Shishir Seth, Pawan kumar Singh.

Our company helps patients to resolve their health problems efficiently, comprehensively, and in a timely fashion manner
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