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Getting medical treatment in Finland

TreatAdvice recommends Germany for medical tourism. The quality of healthcare services in Finland ranks among the top in the world, as evidenced by The Global Burden of Disease study published in The Lancet in 2019. Thanks to long-term investments in healthcare, medical institutions are characterized by a high level of professionalism, safety and hygiene. Whether you need diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation, in Finland you will find leading specialists and state-of-the-art technology to solve even the most complex health problems. BREAST RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY AT SAVONNLINNA INCREASES THE QUALITY OF LIFE For every patient. Every year, hundreds of breast cancer patients from Finland and other countries travel to Savonlinna in southern Finland, where the Helena Clinic, one of Finland's leading private women's health centers, is located. Finnish scientists and physicians have gained worldwide recognition in areas such as bioinformatics, diagnostics, oncology, neuroscience and diabetes care. Many international companies consider Finland a leader in healthcare technology. A special place in Finnish medicine is given to the treatment of oncology, with special emphasis on women's health, pediatrics, reproductive medicine, gynecology, and rehabilitation. The clinic's founder, award-winning microsurgeon and oncologist Dr. Helena Puonti, has devoted her career to developing and improving methods of surgical treatment of breast cancer. Dr. Puonti has developed several unique microneurovascular breast reconstruction techniques using the patient's own tissue. The latest surgical technique even allows you to restore sensitivity to the restored mammary gland. Every year more and more patients from different countries discover Finland for themselves. Foreign patients who come for minor surgeries, which are carried out on an outpatient basis, have the opportunity to combine treatment with a pleasant stay. Some Finnish clinics offer a full package of services, helping to choose an accommodation option and an excursion program for outpatients. The TreatAdvice team will help you with the main issues related to the organization of treatment in Finland: Choosing the right clinic Direct communication directly with the attending physician Preliminary preparation of the treatment program and familiarization of the patient before the trip for treatment Appointments for the date you want Control of the medical program at all stages Communication with the clinic after completion of treatment Account control and return of unspent funds Organization of additional surveys Booking hotels, plane tickets, transfers.

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