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Еврейская церемония

Getting medical treatment in Israel

Israeli clinics are among the best clinics in the world. Patients from Ukraine and other European countries often choose Israel. In terms of the level of medicine, this country is on the same level as Germany, but the price of treatment in Israel is usually 20-25% lower. TreatAdvice recommends treatment in Israel to its patients. We have identified the main advantages when contacting a clinic in Israel. Fast diagnostics. The process of accurate diagnosis of the disease takes 2-3 days. The medical coordinator makes the most dense protocol of the day. During the day, the patient manages to pass 5-6 tests and visit several doctors without queues High professionalism of highly specialized specialists. Israel is a compact country. Often doctors specialize in 1-2 diseases. While in Germany or the USA generalists practice. Upon consultation, the doctor will send you only for the necessary procedures and consultations. Visa. Citizens of Ukraine and many other countries can visit Israel without visas. The key diseases with which patients go to Israel are oncology treatment and transplantology. Advantages of cancer treatment in Israel: Doctors experience. Israeli doctors undergo training in the USA, Germany and other developed medical countries. They exchange experience and innovative methods of oncology treatment. Fast diagnostics. Diagnosis of complex diseases takes 2-4 days. The patient takes tests and undergoes diagnostic procedures only according to the protocol. This helps save time and money. Innovative methods. Doctors conduct research and implement new practices in the treatment of cancer. Medical equipment. Israeli clinics are equipped according to the highest world standards, there are: PET-CT, Da Vinci robot, linear accelerators of the latest generation. Israeli clinics are an internationally recognized center for organ transplantation. Thanks to the highest authority of Israeli surgeons, the number of organ transplants has increased significantly. Since the beginning of 2000 alone, the number of kidney, liver and pancreas transplants has more than doubled, reaching more than 1,000 operations annually. Israel also performs simultaneous transplants of several organs. Medical care for recipients and their donors is provided by a team of transplant surgeons, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, donor coordinators, social workers and nutritionists who make every effort to achieve the best results. TreatAdvice provides patients with a full range of services for organizing treatment in Germany: clinic selection drawing up an individual medical program admission of the patient to the clinic on the agreed dates medical management (medical program coordination), including 24-hour support and translation services transfers and transport services written translation of medical reports advisory medical support upon returning home.

Our company helps patients to resolve their health problems efficiently, comprehensively, and in a timely fashion manner
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