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Нарды в кофейне

Getting medical treatment in Turkey

Modern Turkish clinics This is a combination of a high level of medical care according to international protocols and affordable prices for medical services. Therefore, more and more international patients come here every year. TreatAdvice recommends Turkey destination for medical tourism. Our Turkish partners are reliable, responsible, professionals in the field of medical services, proven by time and results of treatment. According to the rating of the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) magazine, Turkey ranks third in the list of the most attractive countries for treatment. First of all, this is due to the high quality of medical care and excellent service. Multidisciplinary Turkish clinics offer patients the treatment of all diseases. However, in certain professional areas, doctors achieve the most outstanding results. Turkey has a large number of medical clinics that have a high reputation in the world due to advances in the field of oncology. In Turkish oncology centers: The most complex surgical interventions are carried out. Stereotactic surgery and radiosurgery are used. It makes it possible to remove hard-to-reach tumors in one day, with virtually no damage to healthy tissues surrounding the tumor. Minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries are used. They are characterized by a short recovery period and a low risk of complications. Robotic technologies are used, for example, daVinci and ARTAS. The latest types of radiation therapy are used, including the use of therapeutic radionuclides. Transplantology. Organ transplantation is a very expensive and technically complex type of operation. It requires a highly qualified doctor and the availability of a suitable donor. In Turkey, organ transplantation is carried out at the highest level, although the cost of such operations is much lower than in medical institutions in Western countries. Cardiology. In this country, there is a very high survival rate of patients with heart surgery - more than 99%. Many patients go to Turkey to undergo coronary artery bypass surgery or heart valve surgery. The cost of medical services in Turkey is much lower than in Europe and the USA. At the same time, the price becomes more attractive not due to a decrease in the quality of the work of doctors, but due to the absence of extra charges for foreign patients and state regulation of prices for medical services. In addition to information support, TreatAdvice specialists will help you with the following important points: Choosing the right clinic for each case Direct communication directly with the attending physician Preliminary preparation of the treatment program and familiarization of the patient before the trip for treatment Ensuring the favorable cost of clinic services, without surcharges and coefficients for foreign patients (saving up to 50%) Book an appointment for the date you want Control of the medical program at all stages Communication with the clinic after completion of treatment Account control and return of unspent funds Organization of additional examinations Booking hotels, plane tickets, transfers.

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