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Getting medical treatment in India

In international medical tourism, India occupies a confident, leading position. Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients annually come to India for treatment, who are attracted by both the high quality of treatment at the world level and its cost-effectiveness. Indian doctors are highly qualified specialists. This is confirmed by the fact that they are invited to work in countries such as the UK, the USA. TreatAdvice recommends Germany for medical tourism. Treatment in India can be provided in both private and public institutions, from small specialized centers to large general hospitals. We would like to dispel the myth that clinics in India are unsanitary. It's not like that at all. India's clinics meet international standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Many clinics have been awarded the international certificate of quality standards for medical care and patient care JCI. India's clinics use the most modern medical equipment and apply innovative treatment technologies. The International Treatment Program in India provides full support for international patients and accompanying family members. The treatment is based on the latest technology, which significantly improves accuracy and reduces the time to make a diagnosis. The high level of treatment in India is achieved by the perfect combination of the brilliant experience of medical professionals and an individual approach to patients. We want to highlight the main areas in which Indian clinics have achieved high rates. Cardiology. The success rate for heart surgery in Indian clinics is 99.6%. Cardiology centers in India provide a full range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases: a digital catheterization laboratory for cardiac surgery, operating rooms equipped with the latest technology, intensive care units. Transplantation. One of the main achievements of medicine in India is considered to be the first successful liver transplants, as well as kidney transplants. In addition, laparoscopic donor nephrectomy is performed in Indian clinics for kidney donors. The transplant centers in India are led by qualified transplant specialists/professionals with years of experience in renowned international centers in the US, UK and Japan. Orthopedics. India has some of the best joint replacement centers in the world offering the following services: total joint replacement (both primary and revision) of the pelvis, knee and shoulder, superficial proximal hip replacement, spinal surgery for back injuries, surgical scoliosis treatment, operations on the cervical spine, a fully staffed physiotherapy department, support during the rehabilitation period, intervertebral disc replacement, correction of limb deformities. Oncology. Cancer treatment in India is one of the main branches of medicine. Linear accelerators with multi-leaf and micro-multi-leaf collimators, CT simulators and 3D treatment plans are the main principles of Indian cancer centers. Cancer treatments in India include Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, 3D Planned Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Radiotherapy. The Departments of Surgery and Therapeutic Oncology in India are well equipped with all the necessary equipment and managed by qualified specialists. All this is aimed at improving the quality of life of cancer patients. TreatAdvice specialists will answer all questions before arranging treatment, and will provide assistance to you in such important points: Choosing the right clinic for each case Direct communication directly with the attending physician Preliminary preparation of the treatment program and familiarization of the patient before the trip for treatment Ensuring the favorable cost of clinic services, without surcharges and coefficients for foreign patients (saving up to 50%) Book an appointment for the date you want Control of the medical program at all stages Communication with the clinic after completion of treatment Account control and return of unspent funds Organization of additional examinations Booking hotels, plane tickets, transfers.

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