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Acibadem Medical Center is one of the best clinics in Turkey providing treatment according to American protocols. Acibadem is a network of ultra-modern medical clinics in Turkey. The first medical center opened in 1991 in Istanbul. Over time, polyclinics of a wide profile and hospitals with their own laboratories and diagnostic centers appeared. Already in 2005, 11 clinics of the Acibadem network received international accreditation from JCI, which confirms the compliance of the level of services provided in clinics with internationally accepted standards. The main directions of the clinic: Oncology Neurochurgy Cardiology Organ transplant cerebral palsy, epilepsy Achievements and advantages of the clinic The clinic has advanced medical equipment: High-tech tomographs (body scanning lasts no more than four seconds); The Da Vinci apparatus was successfully used in surgery for the treatment of prostate adenoma (prostate cancer); An ultra-modern tomograph that combines computed and positron emission tomography. The device helps to monitor the progress of cancer treatment. "Cyber ​​Knife" and "Gamma Knife" are used for complex radiological operations and many other devices for cancer treatment abroad. Acibadem is more than two thousand places for patients, the staff is almost 15 thousand, various comfortable wards (general, individual), it is an air ambulance for patients with limited mobility, including foreigners. It is possible to stay in a hotel with treatment at the Acibadem base. Clinic doctors Clinic specialists are among the best in the country. On the basis of Acibadem, the University of Experience Exchange operates, which is attended by young professionals from all over the world. Sharing experiences and learning new technologies is Acibadem's priority. The staff of the clinics is one of the most attentive in the country. More than seven thousand support staff care for patients after operations and procedures - not every clinic has such a staff. In Acibadem, patients receive truly homely care and attention. Well-known oncologists Mete Gunger, Aziz Yazar, transplantologist Remzi Emiroglu work here.

Our company helps patients to resolve their health problems efficiently, comprehensively, and in a timely fashion manner
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